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Hannah Danielle is an artist and a nurse. She is inspired by the world around us and the way we all perceive things differently. Hannah loves dramatic colour and how it makes you feel. She creates art that is emotive and makes you think outside the normal parameters. Her animal paintings are always colourful, quirky and full of character, whilst her acrylic pieces are bold and have an intuitive nature. Hannah works to create emotion and imagination through brush stokes, space, composition and colour.

Hannah has something called Aphantasia (No minds eye!), which is why she really enjoys creating abstract intuitive paintings. Hannah loves creating multiple layers and being able to tell a story through different textures and beautiful colour combinations.

Hannah also creates beautiful and unique wearable pieces of art jewellery. All jewellery is created using a technique which involves acrylic ink, pigment and resin. They follow an idea or theme, which create a series of pieces all telling a story together or individually a moment in time.

Hannah Danielle currently lives in Fairford in the Cotswold’s. With her supportive husband, two energetic and inspiring children and two furry kitties, who love sleeping on her feet and causing chaos in her art space.

Hannah Danielle - Studied at:

Wimbledon School of Art and Design.

The National Design Academy.

Surrey University, specialising in Community Public Health Nursing.

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